Consider yourselves warned…

Everyone’s internet boyfriend and one of Australia’s biggest advocates to end homophobia in sport and supporter of marriage equality, David Pocock, has just sent gay Twitter into meltdown.
The Zimbabwe-born player posted Instagram story after he finished going for a run.

‘Running done…but still the whitest man in Ota ??,’ the story caption read.

The caption was almost inconsequential to the photo that accompanied it. It features a post-workout Pocock doubled over the camera, and it is remarkable.

Needless to say, people are shook:

LGBTI darling

While Pocock is a fantastic looking guy, he also has a heart of gold and has been a vocal ambassador for the LGBTI community.

Pocock and his girlfriend, Emma, had promised to wait until same-sex marriage was legal in Australia before they would get married. Seeing as the majority of Aussies recently backed changing the laws to allow same-sex couples to marry, their wedding might be happening soon.

Pocock also shot to prominence when he called out an opposition player for using homophobic slurs on the rugby pitch in 2015.
What a guy. In the meantime, enjoy:

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