gay bro

This video is giving us all the feels. Up and coming YouTube vlogger, Oliver Potter, comes out to his 5 year old brother in the cutest video.

Oliver starts off the conversation about the topic of love with his younger brother Alfie. Alfie jumps right in saying saying that if a mum and a dad love each other, they get in love. Oliver then asks Alfie about marrying a man. His response,

“If you marry a man, it’s going to be so cool.”

The two continue to talk more about it and end with an ad-libbed song.

Watch for yourself:

It is wonderful to see Alfie at such a young age take everything in stride and be excited for his older brother. Oliver, has hoped the video would inspire others to open up to their friends and family by showing that no one is too young to understand love.

We are excited to see such a feel good video with all the negative news lately, and hope it brightens your day as well.

For more of Oliver you can subscribe to his YouTube chanel, find him on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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