Grand Theft Auto fans are currently exploring the gay nightlife of Los Santos.

Fans of the popular game series where there are no consequences to most devious acts (as long as you can outride the cops) were delighted with a new “After Hours” updated recently.

As ShackNews reports, the new update for GTA 5 Online went live on the 24th and gave gamers the opportunity to enjoy the nightlife found in Los Santos.

The new game features start off with players exploring Los Santos with NPC character Tony Prince, nicknamed Gay Tony, acting as their guide, co-business owner, and sidekick.

(Fans of the series will recognize Tony for the Grand Theft Auto 4’s The Ballad of Gay Tony add-on).

The new update acts as a nightlife and business simulator as your character will be in charge of a new nightclub. What players do with that space is up to them.

Either players can work on the legit business side and hire a DJ/staff, buy equipment, stock the bar, and party with patrons, or they can get a little darker by using the establishment as a front for more under-the-table business deals.

In addition, there’s a host of new content like new narrative missions, new vehicles like the Mammoth Patriot Stretch, the Festival Bus, or the Ocelot Swinger, and new music provided by real life musicians Dixon, The Black Madonna, Tale of Us, and Solomun (who also show up in the game, according to GTABoom).

Again, the new expansion and update is out now, so go download it on your Windows PC, Xbox One, or Playstation 4.

Enjoy, gaymers!

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