‘If you gays aren’t able to conceive children of your own, then please don’t meddle with how others educate their kids’

An pre-watershed sex toy advert featuring a gay couple is causing uproar in Germany.

The 30-second spot, produced for online sex shop Amorelie, shows gay couple Ingo and Dylan sitting on their bed and opening a parcel.

They discuss one of the toys’ name and get a bit flirty, including a slightly bad pun, but that’s as explicit as it gets.

The couple is fully clothed, too, and the clip has been cleared for pre-watershed broadcast.

Yet it still has some people up in arms – most prominently an activist and controversial freelance journalist.

Martin Lejeune, whose work was published in newspapers across the country, including taz, Der Standard and the Frankfurter Rundschau.

On Monday, he took to Facebook for the first time, calling it ‘gay propaganda’.

‘For months, gay propaganda has been airing on German TV, exactly at the time when children come home from school and before 18:00, before the Simpson are on. Hello! Is nobody interest in this,’ his first post read.

‘How distasteful is this? Everybody can be what he wants – but to animate kids, that’s a no-go!’

While saying in the past being gay was taboo, Lejeune claims today it was incorrect to criticise ‘gay propaganda’.

In a later post, he then said he had nothing against gay people, ‘but please leave our children in peace’.

‘If you gays aren’t able to conceive children of your own, then please don’t meddle with how others educate their kids,’ he said.

‘As a German, I’m afraid the Germans are becoming fewer.’
In another post published that day, he said there was a ‘serious’ background to why the ad is broadcast before the watershed: normalizing homosexuality.

‘So the next generations find something like tat normal, and even join the homo-scene themselves, kindergartens, primary schools, media, religious institutions and co support homosexual propaganda,’ Lejeune wrote.

‘And because this is anchored in EU politics and the programs of most parties, you can do nearly nothing against it.’


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  1. i’m glad for once some one posted a gay couple that’s older . I get sick and tired of seeing these young porn star looking gay guys on here

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