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Hundreds protested this year’s Pride parade and Mr. Gay Europe competition in Poznan, Poland over the weekend, but regardless of their presence, the competition crowned its newest winner. 30-year-old German delegate, Enrique Doleschy, took home the title, beating out six other contestants—including the competitions very first trans contestant.

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GCN reports that protestors spoke out against the LGBTQ community in Poland where polls have suggested that up to 70 percent of the population believe gay relationships are unacceptable. Doleschy said:

We need competitions like this to bring out the best in people and to force them, to drive them, to be better for each other.

Other delegates included:

Niels Jansen from Denmark, the first trans contestant

  • Antony Dzwonkiewica from England, who proudly represented the HIV positive community
  • Guilherme Souza from Ireland, originally from Brazil
  • Christopher Price from Wales
  • Karol Pacyna from Poland
  • Pedro Ferreira from Portugal
  • Dominik Svechnikov from Ukraine
  • Stefan Dimov from Bulgaria
  • LUKÁŠ GREČKO from Czech Republic & Slovakia

Mr. Gay Europe’s President Tore Aasheim says:

Mr Gay Europe is not a beauty contest. We are looking for genuine and real-life role-models for our LGBT communities across Europe and we are honoured by the fact that a trans person wanted and felt comfortable enough to take part. Niels proved himself to be a positive and significant addition to the group of delegates.

Get to know 2018’s Mr. Gay Europe in his bio package:


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