Yesterday we bought you news about a gay couple’s engagement photo going viral. The American-Swiss couple posed for celebrity photographer Gabriel Goldberg for an image that celebrated both of their backgrounds.

It sent us scouring the internet for some other recent examples of gay couples celebrating their engagement. Check out some of the adorable results below.

1. Sunset kisses

2. He said yes!

3. Chicago cuteness

4. ‘My fiancé as of today’

5. ‘Find the warm ones and let them stay’

6. Bunni and Stevie

7. Spring love

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8. ‘Seems like a keeper!’

9. Grooms to be

10. To a golden (gate) future

11. Together forever

12. A perfect match

13. Jumping in together

14. ‘Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries’

15. Picnic in Prospect Park, Brooklyn

16. Popping the question in Hong Kong

17. Fabio and Fabian

18. Shining light

19. Anyone for a slice of love?

20. ‘It’s a great feeling when your best friend becomes your life partner’

21. Today, tomorrow, forever


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