God denies gay marriage
Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis (right) talks with David Moore on Tuesday morning following her refusal to issue a marriage license to him and his partner at the Rowan County Courthouse in Morehead, Ky.

You may remember the cheerful story of the Kentucky clerk, Kim Davis, and her strong position against gay marriage, that we have presented to you recently. Not only the story continues, but it seems to have inflamed an entire community, inspiring various controversies on the subject. Furthermore, several other clerks have rallied against the Supreme Court’s decision regarding gay marriage and human rights, with one of them even stating that he will rather die than to accept gay marriage as a legal right. What sparked this mutiny was the fact that Kim Davis lost her case in the Supreme Court and things are just not looking good with the appeal either. “Does the Free Exercise Clause likely excuse Kim Davis from issuing marriage licenses, because she has a religious objection to same sex marriage? For reasons stated herein, the Court answers this question in the negative” the unforgiving verdict stated.

God denies gay marriage


This decision made Casey Davis, another Kentucky clerk, to appear to CNN, trying to support Kim Davis’s case. “I am trying to raise awareness and get the message out that there is a lady in danger of going to jail or pay finds. She is a Christian lady that has done nothing wrong. She has not, nor have I, tried to prevent anyone from getting their marriage licenses. They can go to any other county around and get those. We have only tried to manifest our First Amendment rights. There is a power higher than anything man can put on paper and I do believe this power to be Godly in nature”. But Casey Davis did not stop here. He went forward and even specified that same-sex marriages can’t even be considered as being real marriages at all, because the Bible clearly stipulates that a marriage is between a man and a woman.

God denies gay marriage


In response to these annotations, we would like to present you the case of Vicky Gene Robinson. Vicky Gene Robinson was born is Fayette County, Kentucky and has been elected bishop in 2003, whereas in 2004 advanced to the position of diocesan bishop. But what we really try to highlight here is the fact that Robinson is a confirmed homosexual for over 4 decades now. He first admitted his sexual orientation back in 1970’s and he is, since then, widely known as the first priest to publicly accept his sexual preferences. Note that not only he is totally comfortable with the way he is, but the Church is also, because he served more over 40 years of service, while his nature was very well known.

There was a televised Q&A debate, on the subjects of religion, marriage and euthanasia, back in 2003, and among those invited were Lawrence Krauss, a world-renown physicist, Fred Nile, member of the Christian Democratic Party and reverend, and, of course, Gene Robinson.

In the opening, a girl from the audience asked Fred Nile, a convinced anti-gay activist: “I’ve read that you believe homosexuality to be a lifestyle choice that is immoral, unnatural and abnormal. When did you make the choice to be straight?” to which Nile responded: “I was born straight”, without realizing he had just solved centuries of anti-gay propaganda. Lawrence Krauss felt the need to intervene in order to specify: ”10% of the rams, for example, only have sex with other rams. Is that also a lifestyle choice?” Also, Gene Robinson rushed to give him a helping hand, by stating: “I think it is the experience of most gay people that, indeed, this is something this is determined long before choice was remotely an option and, in fact, all the research shows that sexual orientation is set by the time that you are 3 years old.”

God denies gay marriage


Returning to what Davis supports, let’s listen to one last thing that he had to say, regarding this particular matter: “Where was Adam and Eve’s marriage license recorded at, and who did they go get it issued by? I’ll tell you, God issued them. God ordained it. Whether you believe in God or not, the Bible is where marriage came from and it is where it will continue to come from, regardless of what man says that it is.”, which is nice, when you’re thinking that this is a clerk, pretending to have been offended in his religious beliefs, while also trying to enforce them on others, regardless of their choice, whether to follow them or not.

Despite sharing the same religion as Gene Robinson, Davis’s God seems to be a bit more…misogynistic. He also seems to forget that you can’t hurt a man by disapproving, or insulting an idea, or an opinion he clings on, but you can hurt him, when denying him his right to be free and happy. This case is far from over and it will be interesting to see what the outcome will be.

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