Guys kissing

You know those canisters of squirty cream? I can never look at one without smiling.

Let me explain…

It was my first year of college. I’d left home – the freedom was amazing, like fresh air after being locked in a stuffy room. My family was very conservative and I’d never really had many friends at school; that was made worse when I begin to realize that I had feelings for other guys. I kept it all to myself, but eventually it became so stifling – I don’t know how I didn’t go mad. But somehow I survived, at least long enough to escape.

play time
It was my first year of college –

People talk about escaping to the big city and finding themselves, but looking back I really didn’t move anywhere big or that exciting, I guess. But from the small town I was coming from it was like a whole new world, and a whole new chance to find myself.

These days I’m a happy and confident gay guy, but back then I was shy and, if I’m honest, a bit scared of my sexuality, and sex. I’d never so much as kissed a guy, even though I wanted to, the feeling like a fire in me, getting hotter and hotter.

I had a housemate – Jacob – we hit it off as soon as we’d met, n the first day of college. I admit I was a bit attracted to him – OK, a lot attracted to him. He was slim but not skinny, with a juicy butt that I longed to squeeze; his hair was thick and dark, full eyebrows and a dusting of stubble. He was smiley, and playful… I guess I was so wound up with tension at the time that it was nice to have someone just so happy with themselves.

play time
He was smiley, and playful –

I wasn’t sure of he liked guys, too. He’d never said anything, but he’d never said anything about girls, either. I had my hopes

Anyway. The squirty cream.

I was half-dressed and making pancakes for breakfast when Jacob came in, looking cute and disheveled from bed; he was topless, only wearing his cute check pajama bottoms, which showed the bouncing outline of his cock – I could never help glancing at it! I offered him breakfast and he stood by me chatting while I got everything ready.

doggy style

I could feel tension rising in me, quivering, a caged animal waiting to be released.

We had honey and chocolate spread and cream laid out as toppings; I drizzled the honey over and Jacob took the canister of cream – and sprayed it on me!

It was exactly the kind of playful thing I was used to from him, I wiped the cream off my chest and flicked it back onto him; we laughed… I guess out eyes met, or something – and he pulled me towards him, and kissed me, kissed me deep.

play time
The caged animal I had been holding back suddenly leaped out, released –

The caged animal I had been holding back suddenly leaped out, released! I kissed him back, fierce, hungry, not even thinking about what I was doing, just feeling, feeling this fire suddenly allowed to blaze though me. My cock was solid and I felt – it was fantastic, it was an incredible, wild feeling – I felt his cock harden under his pajamas, pushing up against my crotch and we carried on kissing, and kissing, and kissing… his arms around my neck, pulling me closer… then one arm moving down, into my pants… oh god, was he really going to…?

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