Election news still got you down? Here’s something that may help restore your faith in life. Or at least your faith in your sex life.

According to a study from the University of Toronto, same-sex couples have better, happier, healthier sex lives.

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1,900 individuals of both gay and straight couples participated in the study, which was led by Jessica Maxwell, a PhD candidate in the Department of Psychology in the Faculty of Arts & Science.

“Disagreements in the sexual domain are somewhat inevitable over time,” Maxwell said. “Your sex life is like a garden, and it needs to be watered and nurtured to maintain it.”

In her research, Maxwell found that gay couples scored an average of 6.02 on their openness to work on sex in a relationship, compared to just 5.68 straight couples.

When it came to “sexual destiny,” which is essentially finding one person to have boring vanilla monogamous sex with for the rest of your life, straight couples were more likely to fall into the pattern, with a score of 3.17, compared to 2.69 for gay couples.

“The fact that same-sex couples are higher in sexual growth beliefs does suggest they have a healthier view of sexual relationships which should in turn foster greater relationship and sexual satisfaction over time,” Maxwell says.

happy life

“Gay and lesbians have higher levels of sexual growth beliefs than heterosexuals, and have lower levels of sexual destiny beliefs than heterosexuals,” Maxwell concluded. “This is encouraging because those with higher sexual growth beliefs had the best outcomes in our studies!”

Ultimately, Maxwell says she hopes her study show that problems in the bedroom are totally normal in relationships, and it doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship is doomed.


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