Gucci to give honeymoon rights to newlywed gay staff.

Thus, the company is demonstrating its exclusivity.
One of the largest Italian fashion houses Gucci is currently reworking its employment contract that allows to give newlywed gay staff the same 14-day paid honeymoon entitlement as heterosexual staff already use for a long period of time, informs The Local.

In an interview the spokesman of the company said that this move was the “further confirmation of the spirit of inclusion and modernity of the Florentine brand.”

Gucci followed the footsteps of some of Italy’s big multinationals, such as Citibank and Ikea, giving gay staff who marry abroad equal honeymoon rights.

gay marriage
Gucci gave 14 days honeymoon to their gay employees. –

Earlier an Italian call centre in Milan, Call & Call, also gave its blessing to gay honeymooners in 2013 when a gay employee of the company asked for some time off to organize his wedding in Germany.

It must be mentioned that a civil rights bill legalizing same-sex marriage was approved by the Italian Senate at the end of February. This bill has been now passed to the lower house and is expected to become law within the period of two months.

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