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Is It Time Men Start Considering Sitting Down When Going To The Bathroom?

I’ve found the restroom is oddly one of the biggest conversation topics in adulthood. Seriously, why are bathrooms always at the tip of our tongues? Think about it! Obviously we have the never-ending transgender bathroom controversy, but I believe on a daily basis I get asked where the restroom is at my office, and of course, all of us use the toilet every day. Hell, just yesterday I was speaking to my cousin who is visiting Rhode Island and was shocked the bathrooms in the smallest state are unisex! Dare I say the bathroom… equalizes us!? I recently moved into a new apartment with a roommate. We decided he, a heterosexual male, would get the master bedroom (with bathroom included) as I didn’t trust he’d keep the main bathroom tidy enough for a revolving door of guests. It turns out that may have been the best choice I’ve made lately for one simple reason: I sit when I pee!

According to LAD Bible, standing up to urinate is more gross than we really think! If you stand when you go number one, it’s likely your stream is splashing almost thirty-six inches from the toilet bowl! To make matters worse, some people tend to keep toiletries such as toothbrushes, combs, and the like on their sink – and let’s not forget about your extra toilet paper next to the bowl. This means you can very well be putting specks of urine all over yourself. Eww! I’m gagging! While we can’t see these little droplets of our waste, a UV light was used in a study from QS Supplies to detect exactly where ours is spreading. Apparently, sixty-nine percent of men stand when they pee. So, the majority of us aren’t aware our bathrooms are filthy in reality. Apparently, aiming to hit the back of the bowl causes the most blowback…great! If you aim directly in the middle of the bowl, you run the least risk of having your urine all over the place. This makes me fear public restrooms even more… I think it’s time to start carrying disinfectant wipes with me everywhere! 

Can we all agree that we should take a note from Game of Thrones here and just sit on our damn throne to get the deed done!? It won’t make you less masculine to sit down when you’re at home! Please tell me you’ll at least give it a try…

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H/T: LAD Bible

H/T: QS Supplies


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