Eddie Redmayne

Happy birthday, Eddie Redmayne!

He’s one of Hollywood’s most sought-after British charmers who’s a dab hand when it comes to wand work. That’s the kind you get from Olivander’s down Diagon Alley, of course.

Famous for his role as the first identifiable transgender woman Lili Elbe in The Danish Woman, as well as his recent turn as Newt Scamander in Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beats And Where To Find Them, the Oscar-winning actor turns 35 today.

But aside from his fantastic acting skills, we’re big fans of Eddie for depicting so many LGBT+ characters during his career.

Eddie Redmayne

“There’s the notion that one has a choice as an actor, but until recently I didn’t have that choice,” he told Gay Times Magazine. “You audition for things, for interesting stories, and if you’re lucky enough you get the part.

“For me all that matters is that the character and the story are interesting. I’ve been lucky enough to play many LGBT+ characters who are just extraordinary people. That’s an amazing privilege and a great gift.”

Eddie is also pleased that straight actors no longer avoid such roles.

“It’s something that has shifted and changed,” he said. “Acting is a tricky industry and all one dreams of doing is telling interesting stories about interesting people. We should be so lucky as to play interesting LGBT+ characters.”

Talking further about his newfound role in the Harry Potter universe, he explained why he thinks it has such a strong LGBT+ following.

“Well, Robert Pattison is in some of the movies for a start,” he laughed. “But seriously, what’s amazing about what JK Rowling does is she finds everyone’s souls, basically. And I feel like as a human being she’s incredibly inclusive.”

As for when it was revealed that Hogwarts headmaster Albus Dumbledore is a gay man? Eddie’s reaction to the news couldn’t be more perfect.

“It has certainly never been news to me that a brave and brilliant man could love other men,” he said.

Never change, Eddie.


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