New Year
Let 2016 be the happiest and the gayest year in your life.

Another year is about to end and the next is at the door. We have come a long way since we have started this project, and with your help we were able to grow and have a deeper impact.

Happy New Year
Happy New Year, our Dear Friends!

We have shared the most stunning and emotional life stories with you, coming from people from all over the globe and your support was and still is priceless. With your help, in the coming year we will have an even wider impact and we truly hope that we will be able to bring real changes in the world.


Our goals are equality, freedom and happiness for everyone and the best way to do it is by all of us going hand in hand. Happy new year to everybody and may the coming year be at least as fruitful and as meaningful as this one!

All the best wishes, team!

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