Help! My Girlfriend Is Convinced I’m Gay After I Made This Request...

Help! My Girlfriend Is Convinced I’m Gay After I Made This Request In Bed

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A young man on Reddit claims that what was supposed to be an innocent discussion with his girlfriend about their sexual fantasies went unexpectedly awry.

“The other morning, me and my apparently sane, rational girlfriend were fooling about in bed,” the post begins. “All is well, we are naked and having fun, discussing things that we might like to try sexually together.”

The topic of “prostate play” came up.

The man explains: “I have experimented before with prostate play, both solo and with partners, and we have even tried prostate massage together so I expressed an interest in pegging. I had to explain to her what that was… and she lost it.”

The woman “burst into tears” before grabbing her things, getting dressed and running out of the apartment. She stopped answering her boyfriend’s texts and calls and even went so far as to block him on Facebook.

Days later, he says, “I got an email.”

sad-computer-guyThe girlfriend wrote that she believed he was deeply closeted and said she wasn’t interested in being the vehicle on his road to homosexuality.

“Apparently I ‘revealed my latent urges’ by asking to be pegged, and I will ‘inevitably crave the real thing’,” he writes. “She has expressed sorrow for running out on me, but apparently is leaving me for my own good so that I can ‘follow my true self’.”

But it gets worse, he says.

Days later, he writes, “I … had literature put through my door on accepting yourself, how to come out, anti-homophobia stuff and PHONE CALLS FROM MY PARENTS. Apparently she rang my mother to let her know I came out to her (the ex) and would need some support.”

“Seriously,” he says, “WTF??”

Now the man claims mutual friends are reporting that she’s telling everyone on Facebook that they’ve broken up because he’s into “prostate play” because he’s gay.

“What the hell do I do here,” he wonders, “other than never speak to the crazy cow again?”

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  1. Are you fn kidding? Why the hell would she go and talk to his mom about their sex life? Why would any of them (his friends included) even allow the conversation to continue? Not their sex life, not their business. She needs to stop sharing.