Hemsworth, Efron, & Other Men Are Wearing Nail Polish This October

Hemsworth, Efron, & Other Men Are Wearing Nail Polish This October

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I recently flew home to surprise my mother with a visit from her son for her birthday.  It worked, we had a great time, and I was able to spend some time with a great woman.  My mother reaching the age of 69 and dealing with the effects of a car accident, doesn’t have the flexibility she used to, resulting in her having a hard time tying shoes and trimmer her toes.  I didn’t realize it was that bad so we went off to get pedicures (her first ever) and new slip on shoes.  At the pedi-palace (not it’s real name) we chose a vibrant purple polish for her and mom found it interesting that I once in a while like to get a clear coat on me toes.  All weekend she would point out my clear coat to others, preceded by her showing off of her beautiful shade of purple on her nails.  We had fun with it and that was that.

Greatiest.com shares with us a movement this month where men are painting, not their nails, but just one nail to draw attention to a physical and sexual abuse.

We live in a world where it’s still taboo for men to paint their nails. (Ugh!) Australian non-profit YGAP is taking advantage of that by encouraging men to paint one nail in October to raise awareness that one in five children experience physical or sexual violence before turning 18. The Polished Man campaign hopes to spark a conversation, and many celebrities, including Zac Efron and brothers Chris and Liam Hemsworth, have already hopped on board.

Here’s the thinking behind the campaign: It’s unusual enough for men to wear nail polish (especially on just one finger) that people will ask them about it. But that concept has one big flaw: Plenty of men paint their nails because they want to—and that’s not an invitation to start asking them questions.

Still, the campaign deserves praise for spreading awareness about an all-too-common issue. Plus, participants are encouraged to donate, and so far Polished Man has raised over $250,000 to fund recovery programs for affected children. – Greatiest.com

I didn’t get a manicure while with mom. She didn’t want one and I dislike them. But the question is would I paint one nail for this cause?

Would you do this?  Paint a nail? I think that’s an easy thing to do.  But would you be willing to explain what it represents?  I think that would be easy, too.  Actions often speak louder than words, but together, actions and words can change a great deal and bring awareness to many.

Here are some pics from the Polished Man Instagram account.

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Gabriel Macht. A #PolishedMan. Nailed it.

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