Our hearts go out to the victims of the Las Vegas shooting this past weekend and their families who are struggling to take care of their loved ones.

There are no words in existence that can express the world in which those affected are now living in.

Like with the tragic events that happened at the Pulse Night Club in Orlando, Florida last year, not only are the present victims affected but so too are their families and friends, the community as a whole, and the city in which the tragedy took place. All are hurting and all are fighting to heal.

We at Instinct Magazine would like to help in any way that we can, and have come to the conclusion that we can use our platform to share ways that Las Vegas organizations are offering support to those affected.

If you have a loved one who was affected by the shooting, do not fear going on location to help them. Plenty of organizations are helping families get to victims.

For instance, several air services have announced service support and discounted flights for family members. Even better, Allegiant Air is offering all out free travel for family members of Las Vegas shooting victims.

Plus, several hotel chains like MGM Resorts, which operates 13 properties on the Las Vegas strip, are offering hugely discounted rooms to family members coming in to support their loved ones.

In addition, The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority has posted a page titled “How To Help,” which lists not only organizations helping support victims and their families but also resources for those looking to send their support.


The page also includes a statement from LVCVA President Rossi Ralenkotter.

“The thoughts and prayers of all of Las Vegas go out to the victims and their families,” Ralenkotter says in the statement. “This was a horrific, yet isolated, incident. At this time, it is important to allow the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police to conclude their investigation into the incident and to attend to the needs of the victims and their families. Las Vegas is a strong community that will work through this tragic incident. We are grateful beyond words to our incomparable law enforcement, first responders and everyone who continues to help victims and their families.”

Even if you aren’t a family member you can still support. For instance, during this weekend’s National Coming Out Day, those participating in Come Out Las Vegas can also split their time by volunteering at centers like the Ronald McDonald house.

As the video above states, strength is when we all stand up to support one another. The city of Las Vegas, us at Instinct Magazine, and all of you reading must band together to support the victims of the shooting as well as their family members.

Our strength can be their strength, and their strength will move us all.

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