lesbian basketball star
I fell hard for her. It didn’t take long for the team to figure it out.

It was my year to become tenured as a long term high school guidance counselor. I loved my job. I got to work with all different types of kids.  The bright, the disadvantaged, the ones who were brilliant, or challenged, gifted, or slow. I loved working with all of them. I knew everything about them as they rolled in and out of my office, needing college application advice or how to do the bare minimum to make sure they could graduate. They were all different and all of them pulled at my heart strings. My day job was incredible, but once 3:30PM hit, the extracurricular world of teenagers swarmed me like a sandstorm.

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I loved working with all of them – myplayerpage.com

At 3:30, though, my job was a blast, because that was when I transformed from all knowing counselor to all knowing coach of the Girls’ Varsity Basketball team.  I had coached the team for 5 years already, and we were the best.  3 years conference champs, and it was only a short time ago that we won state. I did this because I love basketball. And I was a damn good coach. I inspired them to be the best they could as a team- no superstars, but a team full of stars nonetheless.  During the season, I had no life.  Everything I did was eat, sleep, and breathe Willowbrook High. My last date was a year ago, and the guy was booore-riing.  I hadn’t had sex in 2 years.  I was just…….too busy.

Then Kathy came back to visit. She was my most gifted star last year. Really, without her, we would never have gotten to State.  She was a very androgynous, tall, thin specimen- and I was pretty sure she was gay, although we never discussed it.  Her college plans fell through due to her mother’s illness. She came back asking to be my assistant.  With no funding available, I couldn’t hire her, but she was more than welcome to volunteer.  She worked with me and the girls every day.  Practicing to 8 or 9PM on off days, she became my right hand.

 lesbian basketball star
She was a very androgynous, tall, thin specimen- and I was pretty sure she was gay, although we never discussed it – whensallymetsally.co.uk

One evening, after practice, I was in my office.  She came in and asked for a couple minutes of my time, which I of course obliged. Then she shocked me.  She came around to my side of the desk, and behind me, she began to rub my shoulders and neck- she said I was just too tense. The moment went from a tingling incredible sensation to a growing desire. I couldn’t ignore what was happening to me, and when she spun the chair around and pulled my face to hers, the kiss was what I longed for. With the blinds drawn for usual privacy, she pulled me into her and didn’t let go. It was hot, and heavy, steamy and incredible.  Was this the reason all my dates with men were unsatisfying?  Oh my, what am I doing?  She was only 18.  Thank the heavens she was 18.  I had no control over my body.  I was in autopilot and touching her- reacting to her touch- it was all natural and passionate, and it felt so good. She felt so good.

After about 30 minutes, we separated to take a few deep breaths.  I was speechless.  She looked deep in my eyes and said “I wanted you for the past 3 years.”  And we began to kiss again. Just kissing, I began to think of all these things I wanted her to do to me, things I wanted to do to her.  In the next momentary pause, we came to our senses and calmed down – long enough for her to say, “I will see you tomorrow.”  And just like that she left. Damn, I could have….we could have…. Oh my……. I was so keyed up I didn’t sleep all night.  I couldn’t shake the scent of her.

lesbian basketball star
I was so keyed up I didn’t sleep all night. I couldn’t shake the scent of her. – createloveforwomen.blogspot.ro

The next day, we were all loaded up on the bus for a 5 hour drive to our next game.  She sat with me in the dark – and I had no defense for her roving hands.  Under her letterman’s coat, she touched me as no one had before, as I muffled my moaning into my sweater.  That night, as we shared a room, no cover-up story was necessary.  She rocked my world.  I fell hard for her. It didn’t take long for the team to figure it out.  They kept our secret for fear of the establishment.  They all thought I was a lesbian for years.  Finally, I didn’t have to fight it, they were right. We won State again that year. But that is the year I will relive forever…….

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