Hillary Clinton Still Does not Support the LGBT community

WikiLeaks has been releasing thousands of emails from Hillary Clinton and many of them let the American public know how she really feels towards them. The LGBT community is definitely one of those groups of people. Many Democrats, including Hillary, have been claiming to be the champions of gay rights, especially since the Supreme Court deemed gay marriage legal in all 50 states. But what about before this Supreme Court decision? How has their opinion changed, if at all? WikiLeaks has now released a particular thread of emails showing Hillary’s stance on marriage has, in fact, not changed from her earlier views.

First, let us look at her previous stance on the issue. Back in 2004, Hillary stated “Marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman.”

Later on, Hillary claimed to have changed her stance on gay marriage. But was it for votes, as many Democrats in the past have used minorities and groups to farm for voters? According to the email release from WikiLeaks, it appears that might be so. It shouldn’t be a shock to anyone that Hillary is using the LGBT community to receive more votes.

There is another issue that many have noticed after the Orlando terrorist attack shooting. Many in the gay community are yearning more and more for a right to self-defense. Hillary, obviously being an enemy to the right to bear arms, would be a disaster for the LGBT community. It would leave them as sitting ducks waiting to be the next victim of a bigot who does not agree with the idea that the community has rights.

There is another solution for the LGBT community. This solution is the people who have always championed gay rights: the Libertarian Party. We in the Libertarian Party have always stood up for gay rights, without looking for votes in return.


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  1. Full of bullshit…have you saw the news about wikileaks fabricating email ???

  2. This article doesn’t site a single email or shred of evidence. It’s just a transparent effort by Meaws to foment the Libertarian vote. Pathetic. Partisan. Crap.

  3. You think Hillary only supports lgbt rights for votes? Here you go, Hillary and gay rights:

    As First Lady:

    1992: She and Bill invited Elizabeth Glaser, a woman living with AIDS, to speak at the Democratic convention.

    -1993 presidential inaugural parade the Clinton’s invited the N.A.M.E.S Project to walk with the AIDS quilt.

    -in 1993, she invited openly-gay couples to the White House.

    -1996, the last time the memorial quit was laid out at the National Mall, the President and First Lady were seen alone, crying over the quilt of a lost friend. The only high ranking politicians ever to be seen visiting.

    -in 1997, she was the first First Lady to march in Pride (she also marched multiple times as NY Senator).

    -from 1998-1999, First Lady Hillary Clinton’s aides began working to defeat the ban on gay adoptions (at her instructions).

    -from 1993-2000, as First Lady Hillary pushed to increase AIDS research funding, which had been ignored and insufficient during the Reagan/Bush administrations.

    -in 1999 she backed domestic partnerships to ensure benefits for all Federal employees.

    -in December 1999, as First Lady, she spoke out against DADT, in disagreement with her husband, Bill Clinton.

    -in 2000, the First Lady’s Policy Aid pushed for a presidential order banning federal contractors from discriminating based on sexual orientation.

    As Senator:

    -in 2000, she was the only national politician to march in the LGBT sponsored St. Patrick’s day parade.

    -2002, the Clinton’s launch the Clinton Global Health Initiative, making HIV/AIDS medication affordable to millions of people worldwide. U.N. Credits the initiative for saving 11 million lives.

    -from 2001/2003, she cosponsored ENDA.

    -2004, only national politician to support and be photographed with Gavin Newsom after the San Francisco gay marriage debate.

    -in 2004, she voted against the federal constitutional amendment and was instrumental in helping LGBT lobbyists fight against it.

    -in 2006, she fought to preserve HIV/AIDS funding in New York Stare, with the Ryan White Care Act.

    -in 2006, she supported NY passing Marriage Equality.

    -in 2007, she cosponsored the Mathew Shepard Act.

    -in 2008, she advocated for the lifting of gay adoption bans.

    2015- appointed the first openly gay man to ever run a presidential campaign.

    Hillary at State dwarfs the accomplishments of any other politician, for the domestic LGBT community and abroad.


    Meaws, please stop your false deceptive advertising for the Libertarian Party.


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