Youtube has released its official LGBTQ Pride video for 2018 and haters flooded it.

The video features several LGBTQ celebrities such as Olympian Adam Rippon, singers Janelle Monae and Hayley Kiyoko, Youtuber Tyler Oakley, and more.

The message behind the video is Pride and the creation of LGBTQ content in many mediums.

That said, haters flooded the video to give it over 113,000 dislikes. In addition, several comments held negative words like, “This is trash,” or “I lost braincells watching this rubbish.”

On top of that, there were also comments criticizing Youtube and calling the company a hypocrite.

“Thanks for screwing over creators for the past year,” said one commentor.

“But you guys still demonetize people for acknowledging their LGBT lives in video titles?” asked another.

The video platform has had many controversies over censoring LGBTQ content in the past few years. Last year, LGBTQ youtubers became aware that the site was hiding their content behind a “restricted mode” wall. After several Youtubers complained, the company released a statement apologizing and saying that it would rework the censor’s algorithm.

That said, video creators are still reporting problems this year. For instance, singer (and lead actor for the South African film The Wound/The Inxeba) Nakhane found earlier this year that the music video for his single “Clairvoyant” had been censored.

With haters swarming the video and jilted LGBTQ youtubers leaving criticizing comments, it seems that this year’s Pride video on Youtube was a big mess.

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