Hope kept me alive
I am also doing it because my life changed for the better and I want everyone to know that happiness is within everyone’s reach.

Hi, I am Ana and I am from Russia! I am writing this, because I wanted to share my story to someone and get free of the burden that I have been carrying for the past 10 years. I gave it a lot of thought whether to do it or not, but then I think my story can help people overcome their own difficult moments in life. I am also doing it because my life changed for the better and I want everyone to know that happiness is within everyone’s reach. You just need to look for it.

Lesbian family
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My father left us when I was 5 and, since then, I have been living with my mom in Moscow, in a rented apartment. But 2 years ago my mom married to another man, Dmitri, and our lives took a turn for the worse. He used to drink a lot and was becoming violent every time when that happened. During these last 4 or 5 months, it almost happened daily. During the last episode he struck my mom and she hit her head to the wall. She ended up in emergency and for 4 days I was terrified that I could lose her too. But the bad part was yet to happen, because I and Dmitri were left all alone in the house for 4 days. He got drunk again and, in one night, he came into my room screaming that it was because of me that my mom was in hospital. He then slapped me and started to tear my clothes down. I know what was about to happen so I scratched his face and I ran as he was screaming and cursing behind me. The rain outside soaked me to the skin and that’s when I first thought about suicide. There was no way out of this. We had no relatives, we were all alone and things were not going to get better. Suddenly, a car flashed its headlights and stopped inches from me. It was Anastasia, one of my friends from college, the only one who knew the things I was going through. She got me into her car and her dad drove us to their home. I was completely devastated and I told them what happened. They were perplexed. Anastasia’s father called the cops and told me everything was going to be ok, but I knew it wasn’t. Me and my mom were all alone.

Lesbian girlfriend
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I envied Anastasia’s life. She had such amazing parents and she seemed so happy, like I knew I will never going to be. She was a great girl and I started to feel embarrassed for involving her into all this mess. But she was very understanding and helpful. We talked for hours and I opened my heart to her in ways I never with anyone. I told her about my failed relationships with guys that were abusive and cheaters, about my life with my mom and how it turned after she married again and all these things that she already knew. But, I think she realized that I needed a shoulder to cry on and she stood quiet and listened. Her hand was brushing my hair all this time and I didn’t realized it until I looked into her eyes and I saw the blue spark in them. Her lips were smiling, fiery red, and I could feel their warm and sweetness when she kissed me. My heart was about to explode as I could feel her perfumed breath over my face and I finally melted in her arms.

Lesbian girlfriend
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