How Russian People React To Homosexual Couples In The Streets

How Russian People React To Homosexual Couples In The Streets


The prankers’ group of the channel ChebuRussiaTV decided to conduct one very interesting social experiment right in the streets of Moscow. The idea of this experiment was born when the president of the USA legalized gay marriage nationwide in June 2015. So, Russian prankers (these guys aren’t gays indeed) decided to check passerbys’ reactions to homosexual couples walking the crowded streets and main square of Moscow hand – in – hand. All reactions, rude words, and even, some violent actions of people were filmed on hidden camera.Gay experiment in

Despite the fact that the movie is called “Beating homosexuals in Russia“, the participants of the experiment weren’t beaten indeed but they were offended and even hurt by passerbys’ shoulders and were even pushed.

This experiment proved that Russian people don’t support LGBT community and same-sex marriage & relations.

As the conclusion of this experiment is the following words – on one hemisphere of our planet it is accepted and supported by society and is considered as norm but not in Russia!

The movie with gays in Russia got about 10 million views on YouTube for a period of one month. It shows that this topic is of great interest for people. Let’s watch it right now!

A bit later just in one month the following experiment repeated again. But the participant of it was now a lesbian couple kissing in the streets and walking hand in hand. The aim of the experiment was the same – to know how people react to another type entirely open gay relations right in the streets.

Lesbian experiment in Moskow

Some people from the crowd reacted negatively but there were people saying positive and encouraging words. “Are you nuts, girls”, “Go away from here, do it in the park!”, “What an abomination!”. Quite a large number of people showed their opposition to the relations between two girls. But there were people with completely opposing views on this saying the following “Girls, you are the best!”, “God save you”, “Keep feeling and loving each other!”, “Really! Never give up!”.

So let’s watch these both experiments with our own eyes!

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  1. First of all they are also people in spite of the fact that they love each other!!! All people on Earth should have equal right to express their feelings. Some people think that gays and lesbians are just crazy people. I don’t think so! They are just people with other point of view on love and relations. Two people of same sex love each other – what’s the problem, guys????

  2. Very rude Russian people. Guys, come to Europe. Here your relations and even mariage are allowed

  3. Probably how the majority of Russians react to anything their government tells them isn’t Russian enough for them…

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