Well, this is alarming…

25-year-old Geoffrey Tracy is a personal trainer, competitive bodybuilder, and aspiring fitness model. This week, he admitted to stabbing 50-year-old roommate Gregory Kanczes 16 times after he says Kanczes “tried to make moves” on him, the NY Post reports.

The attack happened last month, shortly after Tracy moved to New York. He was staying at Kanczes’ apartment in Hell’s Kitchen after a gay strip club owner agreed to fly him out from California.

Tracy told police, “The guy tried to make moves on me. I told him no, then he said he’d shoot me so I had to defend myself. I had a knife to him, he went for the gun.”

“I filmed myself on my iPhone saying I didn’t want to kill him. He had a gun. I had to kill him.”

Tracy also told police that Kanczes tried to prevent him from leaving the apartment by block the door. After the stabbing the man in the neck, chest, and shoulder, Tracy “took a vape of THC” then threw the knife in a dumpster.

Amazingly, Kanczes survived the assault.

Tracy’s attorney, Thomas Kenniff, says prior to the knife attack his client was also subjected to “unwanted touching” and “hellish surroundings.”

This week, Tracy rejected a plea deal of 20 years in prison and pleaded not guilty to second-degree attempted murder and first-degree assault this week.

He is currently free on $500,000 bond.


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  1. So!! This guy, who spends all his time at a gym, JUST to be noticed, had no problem being flown to NYC by the owner of a gay strip club, becomes roommates with a gay man twice his age, but attempts to kill his roommate with a knife for “putting moves on him”, BECAUSE he noticed him, when he could have, physically, over-powered him to leave?!

    If he had such a problem with pays, then, why did he accept the flight and the offer of a place to stay… KNOWING they were courtesy of gay men?!

    He can kiss his modeling career good-bye, unless it’s for his new roommate, Bubbah!!

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