Not so long ago, we watched second season of the sensational series “Orange is the New Black” (also known as “Orange – the hit of the season”).

The TV series “Orange – hit of the season,” tells us the story of a female prison inmates. The star of this series Laverne Cox became the first transgender actress who was nominated for “Emmy.”

Orange is the new black

Lauren Morelli – the author of this popular series realized her homosexuality, while working on the script.

According to the Daily Mail, recently Morelli has filed for a divorce from her husband, screenwriter Steve Basilone. The couple lived together for six years, two of them they were married. After 11 months of marriage, Morelli realized that she is a lesbian. After that, the couple began to live separately and Morelli recently decided to file for divorce.

Orange is the new black

Now the screenwriter’s lesbian partner is the star of the series Samira Wiley (pictured left), who plays the role of Poussey Washington – ebony teen lesbian in the series. The love affairs began in early 2014, but the couple announced their relationship publicly at the recent ceremony “Emmy.”

Orange is the new black

As Morelli says, she thought about her homosexuality while working on the scene of the series, where the main heroine Piper falls in love with her girlfriend Alex. A lot of lesbian love and dirty & hot lesbian sex scenes in series made Morelli try herself in lesbian affairs.

Piper & Alex

“Looking at Piper and Alex, I realized what my future should be” – says Lauren Morelli.


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  1. I watched recently this series. And I can’t wait anymore for the third season of it! I found this series very gripping. Girls who spend time without men in prison had no choice besides lesbian love and relations. But I was surprized when I knew that the screenwriter became lesbian also. Moreover with one of the girls from this series. Great movie!

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