I married a woman
My message to you is to never refuse to accept what or who you are, because you will never be happy that way. Acceptance is the first step towards happiness.

Are you ready for the next part of our exciting story? We think you remember the beginning of the story I married a woman…by mistake. So here is its continuation. Wanna know what happened then?

I don’t remember what happened in the end, but the next day someone called me and recommended himself to be “Mark from the club”. He told me I gave him my phone number, but I may have been too groggy to remember and he was totally right. Talking to him made me feel uncomfortable. It brought back old memories and feelings and I wanted to hang up on him, but he insisted to meet and have a friendly chat over a cup of tea. I finally agreed. What could have gone wrong? We met in the same club as the other night. We talked and we spent a great time together, but I was hesitant and he noticed that. He took my hands and looked me in the eyes and said “It’s ok. Stop lying to yourself” and he kissed me. It was a huge relief that I felt in that moment, like I was finally at peace with myself. I realized I am in love with him. We started meeting more often, always at night and I had to lie to my wife that my schedule has changed and I have to work extra hours, but I think she suspected something was off.

I married a woman
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She finally found out about my love affair with Mark and I am sorry to say she was devastated. She said she couldn’t understand how could I have being gay, if I married a woman. We’ve had a long talk and I explained to her that I always felt that way and that I’ve just lied to myself, because I was ashamed. I think she finally reconciled with the situation and decided that it was better if we were to divorce. Both of us had the right to be happy and, as the situation was standing, none of us was. I respect her for that and I respect myself even more, now that I have finally admitted who I am.

I married a woman
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I love Mark more than anything and we intend to marry in the near future. I realize now that not accepting my true nature cost me almost my entire life and only after I reached 49 I started knowing what being fulfilled really means. My message to you is to never refuse to accept what or who you are, because you will never be happy that way. Acceptance is the first step towards happiness.

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  1. Hope you asseaters get aids and die , some fucking examples for our youth, get a life and be a MAN

    • Sure, the bible does say its a sin, but so is your hatred towards them, you’re actually breaking the second of the ten commandments.

  2. Isn’t that cute how one’s private life affects others? If wondering why is that gays chose to make a public matter out of their sexual preferences, that is because homophobic idiots, living in modern societies, practice discrimination based on sexual preferences. It is the same as being a black guy 200 years ago. Revolutions were necessary in order to raise consciousness in barbaric apes that thought white race is the pure one. Wake up, morons!

  3. Not natural and/or acceptable. Claim what your mentally ill minds tell you. You were born a particular gender by nature. To claim your something else or be attracted to the same sex is a mental issue from your past that was never dealt with. Lgbt will never be “the norm” might be so called “accepted” but it will never be normal. Ever.

    • The same “mental issues from the past” I presume animals have too, because homosexuality is omnipresent throughout the animal kingdom. Painful, I know

    • Actually, that is incorrect. In the animal kingdom it is the way dominance is conveyed. Try again and keep trying. There is no justification outside of a fucked up head.

    • You know as much about the animal nature as you know about the human one, which is jack shit. You are embarasing yourself.

    • No actually you are the one that should be embarrassed. Go get help, you have a choice.

    • Lol. From a progressive site that supports lgbt. Really??? Next up, a phobia is a fear. The last thing I fear in life is an Lgbt type. The mental disorder belongs to you folks. Like I said earlier, you have a choice. Get help.

    • “You’re different than me so you’re wrong! I KNOW EVERYTHING!”

      – Matt

      “Aw, poor guy… He thinks he’s making sense and is on to something… Oh well, at least he made himself easily avoidable!”

      – Everyone else

    • You’re not natural or acceptable. Your mind is fucked beyond repair. So sad that your hidden fears of what you really are dictates your ignorance and intolerance. You’re a dying breed. You’re a fucking joke bitch.

    • You have a choice not to be a fucking ignorant homophone. But then again, you’re to fucking stupid to make a sensible choice.

  4. I find two dudes kissing on a float in a parade as sickening as two dummies protesting. One’s sexuality doesn’t make their identity, it’s your actions and character. Homosexuality isn’t a choice, it occurs in nature where animals don’t have the cognitive dissident to make a” lifestyle choice” . We, as people, do. Make the choice to not be an asshole, put forth your beliefs/ lifestyles on others and just try to be good people.

  5. This is great. Amazing how many people still at this time an age are so living in the so called dark ages

  6. In nature it is an expression of dominance and nothing more. It has absolutely no similarity to the mental condition known as Lgbt. How another wants to live in their home matters little to me. On the street I would hope they would have the respect to not share their condition to those that do not wish to be or have their children exposed to such lifestyle.

    • In nature, 10% of the males of each specie only have sex with the same sex. ONLY HAVE SEX WITH THE SAME SEX. You hang on to the same conception that people bought into 150 years ago. This is quite funny 😛

    • Also, regardless of its reasons, the fact that homosexuality it’s everywhere in nature, it is called normality.

    • If your going to post numbers you need to provide legitimate data. Kind of interesting your number aproximates the same number of humans claiming Lgbt. In nature, once again for the third time, it is dominance. Male and female lions are the perfect example. It establishes the pecking order of the pride. Nature chooses to have only the strongest most fit survive guaranteeing a healthy representation of the species. Those that are weak are dominated and prevented from breeding to meet natures demand.

    • You can try and spin it in any way you want but the end result is the same. It is not normal or even a needed behavior in an advanced species such as humans.

    • Do some research, you are embarassing yourself. You have no idea of the world you live in.

    • I stopped watching when the preacher brought up a study claiming orientation was set by age 3. That is laughable at best. The comment on the rams is also laughable at best. Animals have a desire to procreate only. A ram that cannot aquire a female due to hierarchy will make a last ditch effort to pass on its genes which nature has proven through hierarchy are flawed and cannot be allowed to reproduce. Great stuff and ideas but keep digging my friend.

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