I think he noticed my interest in him, because he kept looking for my company throughout the entire night…

Hi, I am Jonah, from UK and I am 49 years old. I got divorced 4 months ago, but I am happier than I have ever been. It may seem like an awkward introduction, but here are the facts. Ever since I was a young boy I used to spend more time with girls than with boys, but that wasn’t because I felt the need to, but because there were not that many boys in my neighborhood. I only had one male friend, Stuart, and I was only able to meet him like once in 3 or 4 days, because he lived kind of far from my house. Up until going to school I almost had no boys around my age to play to and I believe I was becoming a bit womanish at the age of 7. Even later on, during my High school period I didn’t have that many friends, except girls. I don’t know why, but it felt weird to hang out with boys. It was something about them that made me nervous.

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I felt different when I was around them and I found myself dreaming with my eyes open one too many times. At that time I already suspected what may be the cause of this and that was the fact that I found them attractive.  Strangely enough, girls didn’t appeal to me at all. I mean, I considered them to be good friends and all, but it was different than being with a boy. I guess I was a bit confused at that time, but despite all that I was uncovering about myself, one thing I knew for sure. In no way anyone had to find out about what I felt and who I really was. I saw what the others thought about the subject and it would have been a cause of great shame for me to be included in the same category. I remember I used to envy all the other boys, acting all macho and attracting girls just to brag about it. I wished I did that too, but I knew I just couldn’t and I was angry with me because of that. I even ended up hating who I was and I started despising the idea of homosexuality. I considered it a disease and I started thinking I can cure it if I just ignore it and live a normal life.

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I met Alicia in 1995 and we started seeing each other more often as she was working in a bakery next to my place. Gradually, we grew fond of one another and we married several months later, during winter. We have 2 beautiful kids, a boy and a girl, and we have had a, what you may call, perfect marriage. We never fought too often and when we did, it never lasted more than few minutes. I know she loved me and I often wondered if I felt the same way about her. It has been 20 years since we first met and our marriage seems like it lasted for a lifetime, but what happened next completely turned my life upside down.

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My colleagues and I decided one night that we should spend a boy’s night in town and one of us was given the task to find a nice club to spend a couple of fun hours. He decided to play a joke on us and got reservations to a well-known gay club in downtown London. There was not much we could have done, because we were already at the location when we realized what happened, so we decided to play along. The night passed and we had a lot of fun, with the guys flirting and acting all wild, like I have never seen them before. That’s where I met Mark, a 29 years old man, tall, handsome and with some breathtakingly gorgeous blue eyes. I remember I was a little drunk, but I have had the feeling of earth slipping underneath me. I think he noticed my interest in him, because he kept looking for my company throughout the entire night…

This night is going to be so hot! If you are eager to know the continuation of the story I married a woman…by mistake, so don’t miss next part.

To be continued…

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