A mother reaches out to the Reddit community for advice.

Reddit user Stripedpolkadots posted in the LGBT subreddit asking other redditors for advice for dealing with her teenage son who she thinks is gay.

“My son is 13 and although he has never told me, I am sure that he is gay,” she posted in the thread. “I would really like to make things easier for him and help him but I have no idea how to approach the subject… I’m not a 13 year old boy trying to figure myself out, so that leaves me clueless. Anyone with any thoughts or suggestions please… let me hear it. And thank you in advance!”


The welcoming community of Reddit offered different ways she could comfort her son. Grizzfan included some simple advice for her: “Just be there for him.”


“But it’s such a hard battle. I would definitely never pressure him about it though,” Stripedpolkadot responded. “I would hate more than anything for it to come off in a way that he could take negatively or as accusatory because that would totally defeat my purpose of helping him.”


“An important thing to remember: he may not be ready to come out,” said user Themcp. “So if he tells you now that no he’s straight, act on that assumption, but be kind if he wants to change his mind later.”

“Really, the best thing you can say is that you’ve noticed he’s been acting differently (don’t say strange), and he seems to be under a lot of stress,” replied Grizzfan. “You can then ask him if he wants to talk about anything. Foster an environment that he can thrive in. Keep it open, inclusive, resourceful, supportive, and nonjudgmental.”

Hopefully Stripedpolkadots takes their advice!

Read the full Reddit thread here.


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  1. tell him that you love him still with all your heart. protect him and who ever he is with. treat him like you would treat a man and women. let them fall in love and be by there side.

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