Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

Marvel’s coolest X-Men superhero, Iceman, may be in a storyline of star-crossed lovers in the All New X-Men comic series at the moment, but he finally got his fairytale moment.

The character had a passionate embrace with Inhuman star Romeo in the latest issue, which received a full page illustration.


Iceman first came out in the X-Men comic series back in 2015, but this marks the first time he’s locked lips with a male love interest.

However, this is a younger, time displaced version of the hero.

His older self is still dealing with coming out, which will be at the centre of his own comic series this April.


It marks the first time Marvel will release a comic book series with a gay lead.

Now we just need 20th Century Fox to sort out a movie and give us the first big-screen gay superhero we all want.

You can buy All-New X-Men #17 from the official Marvel store here.


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