If you’re the ultimate Little Monster, you may have what it takes to work for Lady Gaga. But you have to be willing to work retail. In Las Vegas.

The singer’s new store on the Vegas Strip is set to open this week, but internet sleuths have dug up a public job listing for a retail associate. They describe the list of necessary qualifications “resemble most other minimum wage jobs.”

While it was rumored the shop would see a Gaga-branded line of beauty products, the hit singer has squashed those expectations. The store will sell Gaga-themed merchandise.

But if you want one of those coveted positions, you’ll need to move fast. The store opens on the same day Gaga returns to Vegas to resume her “Enigma” residency at the MGM’s Park Theatre – May 30.

And you’re gonna have some competition, if Twitter is any indication.



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