Say what now??

A woman went to Reddit to get advice on whether she should continue dating her gay boyfriend. We’ll let her explain:

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for almost a year now. A few days ago I found on his Instagram that he follows a lot of gay porn so last night I brought it up. He said that he has had sex in the past with one man and no women but that he has dated only women. He said that he loves me and wants to continue dating me. I asked if he could see us getting married and he said yes. But I’m so confused. I have gay friends and they would never touch a girl or date one. His whole family knows so he doesn’t need a beard. And he is an amazing boyfriend. Very touchy and affectionate and does such kind things for me constantly. I know he is in love with me. But then this…I thought he would say he is bi. I am very confused if dating a man who identifies as gay as a straight woman is even possible. Obviously I don’t want to dump him because I love him and things have been going so well. But he also has said that he doesn’t think about having sex with me or really find me sexually attractive which is really painful. How do I keep dating someone who doesn’t want to have sex with me and who is gay but who loves me and said he can’t see his family with a man but with a woman? He also looks at gay porn every day I guess because I do not fulfil him. He said when we make out it’s “fine”. I’m trying to be okay with it all but it’s a shock and I’m hurt and I really need advice. Thanks!


And pretty much everyone on Reddit agrees the woman needs to dump the dude.

“Break up with his ass,” one person says.

“Dump him, its over,” another person says. “Hard to hear but life is too short.”

“Run,” someone else adds. “You deserve better and you should start looking now.”

This one sounds like a no-brainer to us, but what do you think? It sounds like she AND her boyfriend have some things they need to unpack regarding their respective needs and desires in a healthy and functional relationship.

What advice would you give this woman? Share any pearls of wisdom in the comments section below…


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