Indya Moore of popular FX show Pose took to Twitter to discuss the impact of Pride becoming increasingly corporate.

Last month, the 24-year-old Moore the first trans person to be on the cover of Elle Magazine. Now, they are using their following to bring awareness to the intersection of capitalism and Pride month.

‘This Pride month, I want brands to acknowledge and hire LGBTQ people not just on pride month but after this Pride month,’ Moore Tweeted on the night of 31 May.

‘Representation shouldn’t be an annual event, holiday or a marketing strategy,’ they continued. ‘It should be a normalized and regular protocol whenever it’s time to hire.’

Moore went on to Tweet about how celebrating Pride is about giving back to the LGBTI community, not trying to sell it.

‘Celebrating Pride month is giving to queer not selling to queer,’ Moore wrote. ‘Creating products with rainbows on it for queer and trans people to buy isn’t celebrating Pride month.’

‘Capitalism celebrates Pride month by taking queer people’s money,’ they continued.

In another Tweet, Moore offered an idea of how big brands could actually help LGBTI people during Pride month.

‘Fashion brands should celebrate pride by giving clothes to queer people in need with cis-het money.’

Indeed, with the on homeless transgender people, donating clothing and other items to homeless LGBTI people would be a great way for large companies to show they actually care.


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