gay dads

We have offered you recently to admire 5 couples of gay dads who decided to create a happy family. They loved each other but family was incomplite without a child or even a couple of childen in it. So, they decided to adopt a kid. Some guys appeal to surrogacy mothers because they want to hear the laugh of children in their house and enjoy looking at their happy eyes all the time.

These 5 gay couples are happy now because fate gave them a chance to live in love having children even being of same-sex sexuality.

Let’s have a look at these 5 happy families:

Meet husbands Garon and James and their child (Washington D.C.):

Wes and John celebrate their son’s 16th birthday (Wyoming, USA):

London Dads Steve and Cristian and their gorgeous son (London, UK):

Gay dads Rodrigo and Nazareno share a cute selfie as they enjoy time in the park with their adorable son:

Clint and Jacob sharing their first family photos with their daughter in Texas, USA:

And bonus! Our subsciber offered us one facebook couple of gay dads Jacek and Andrzej from Brighton, United Kingdom who adore their children. So, here are they!

gay dads

Wish them love and happiness!

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