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A championship footballer is “to come out as gay in the near future.”

With two LGBTQ-friendly football/soccer teams making it to the finals at the FIFA Women’s World Cup and the US team with out player Megan Rapinoe ultimately winning, there’s a lot of attention on LGBTQ players in the sport. And perhaps because of that, one other player may be gearing up to come out.

A Twitter account under the name of “The Gay Footballer” has been stating that it is run by a champion player who’s on his way out of the closet.

“I’ve got a meeting this afternoon with my manager and chairman. They don’t know it yet, but I will be coming out to them at this meeting. The time is right. The time is now,” wrote the account on July 6th.

The day before, the anonymous user shared that he had come out to his family to an “amazing” response.

“Today I came out to my family. I have hid my sexuality for far too long. My family responded amazingly well, and other than a few close friends, they were the first to know.”

But how did the meeting with his manager and club chairman go? Well, the account later released a statement expressing their reaction.

The account user then shared that he will be coming out in the near future. As he wrote on Twitter:

“I’m a professional footballer, playing for a club in the @SkyBetChamp. I will be revealing my identity soon, but I am a proud gay man, hoping to break the mould. I am under the age of 23, and today I came out to my family. Soon, I will come out publicly.”

But who could this player be? We guess we’ll see soon.


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