Car accidents happen, whether it be a little fender bender or something more serious, auto insurance can be a lifesaver in such situations. It’s important that we as drivers keep our eyes on the road to avoid crashes, and while other auto insurance companies have had some interesting commercials (I’m looking at you, Geico), the most recent commercial for CURE Auto Insurance was, well… unprecedented is probably the right word.

Looking back, I’ve seen some weird commercials in my life. Just picture literally any Old Spice or Skittles commercials and maybe chuckle at their strange humor. The ad for CURE Auto Insurance isn’t weird per se, but it was definitely unexpected. The commercial urges drivers to keep their eyes on the road by using two men in a salacious situation in a public restroom as a metaphor for safe driving.

I’ve talked about it for far too long, so here it is in all its cruisy glory:

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