Is my step dad gay if he slept with me?

I am writing this because I am confused and it seems to be no easy way to get to the bottom of things. I will stick to my anonymity because I don’t want any sort of publicity, positive or negative alike. All I can say is that I am from Canada and I am 19 years old. I would like to say that I have been confused about my sexuality and everything is clearer now, but it seems like as time goes I am increasingly confused about my whole situation.

Young man with hands clasped together
Young man with hands clasped together –

I have never talked too much about these kind of things with my parents, first of all because I never knew my father and then because my mom wasn’t interested in the subject. I pretty much had to discover things as I went along and while sexuality has not been of such interest to me, it certainly became over the time. I pretty much knew where I was from this point of view: I liked girls.

I have had 2 girlfriends

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  1. Love is Love. Short answer the step father is obviously bisexual like billions of people are. No biggie. And if they love each other why not.

    • We are glad to see that not everybody is a bigot and that there are people actually caring for their fellow men and their right to happiness

    • The only problem is the step dad would be cheating on the kids mom with him that’s really fucked up it sounds like a good twisted read but in all actuality he’s stealing his moms husband

    • Ok that wasn’t as bad as I thought the title is misleading all I read was they had a few passionate kisses the title makes it sound like the actually screwed

    • Even if they would have, what is wrong with that. A lot of bisexuals are in that situation to have the wife and the same-sex lover. Nothing out of the ordinary

  2. Why do I get the feeling that this website is made to provoke? I need to block this.

    • Our aim is to raise awareness that love and acceptance are necessary in a society promoting human rights and freedoms. If you feel insulted and intelectually provoked by these ideas, you are free to do whatever you please 😀

  3. Nice history. It would be great if everybody could learn what love is in such a quite and peaceful way.

  4. How is it ok for his stepdad to cheat on his mom with her own son???????!!

    • Exactly that’s fucked up it sounds like a good twisted read but fucked up lol seriously though oh we divorced cuz my husband had an affair with my son what a headline lol

  5. Ummm since when is fucking your wife’s son or daughter O.k? Did I miss something. I mean.. WOW. JUST. WOW

    • It is a matter of affection, beyond mere sex. And it is about two grown people. This may affect other’s ideas about love, because people usually consider that love is between two adult strangers. As soon as you include a familial link, everybody goes nuts. But, in fact, these kind of things are common and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. People have the right to love whoever they choose to.

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