Is One Hunk Enough To Start A #HunksForHillary Movement? Time Will Tell

Is One Hunk Enough To Start A #HunksForHillary Movement? Time Will Tell


We’re all familiar with Twinks4Trump, the brilliant satirical twitter account. And you might’ve heard of the other Twinks4Trump, the sincerely pro-Trump photo series to which the only logical response is derisive laughter.

But what of the Hunks for Hillary? Can that be a thing? Sure, why the hell not.

That’s the hope of an attractive man named Eric Turner, recently photographed with some “Hunks for Hillary” body art by Miami-based (of course) photographer Abel Cruz.

“Join me and let’s start a movement!” he wrote. “Are you for Hillary Clinton too? Take a pic and show your support. Don’t forget to # it #HunksForHillary.”

A supplementary comment reads, “I acknowledge that many people who I know, and many people who will see this, will vote for Donald trump. And many of them have valid reasons for doing so.” Ah, no, a desire to see the world burn is not exactly a valid reason for voting.

So far, there’ve been no takers — searching for “Hunks for Hillary” returns a couple people wishing that such a thing existed without actually starting it themselves, and also a joking tweet from a year ago.

This cannot be allowed to stand. Surely there are other political torsos out there! Isn’t it about time we heard from hot bodies with rippling pecs and abs? Don’t they deserve a voice too?

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