These are the kind of practices that you would expect from a Dark Age society, not ones existing in the 21st century.

What we are really asking here is “Should people be allowed to deny others’ rights if this is what respecting their religion means?” We have seen this problem constantly rising in every society and especially in those more evolved where pro-gay laws have already been adopted. People invoke the right to religious beliefs and if their religious beliefs teaches them to refuse gays’ some of their rights, then we should accept that as a society.

People have the right to freedom and happiness – businessinsider.com

What we hear today happening with gay people all over the world is beyond imagination. There are countries where you will be publicly and legally executed for having the “wrong type” of sexuality, which goes against the most basic human rights. These are the kind of practices that you would expect from a Dark Age society, not ones existing in the 21st century. No matter how you would look at it, you cannot admit this behavior as either morally sane or anything else than an abomination. This is for two reasons.

  • People have the right to freedom and happiness.
  • Being gay is not morally wrong.

The main issue here is that people do not understand morality the way they should. This is why they keep saying that being gay is no different than being a pedophile, which is false. Morality is defined by the quality of one’s actions towards sentient beings. When you cause harm and suffering to someone, you are being immoral. When you cause good, which is to ease one’s access to freedom and happiness, then you are moral. Being a pedophile is abuse towards a child that cannot distinguish between right and wrong and does not have the capacity to reason between the two.

Being gay is not morally wrong – miami-gay-blog.com

How is that similar with the situation where two adult individuals are involved in a consensual relationship? It does not even matter if it is about love or not. Even if it is just for sex. Hell, let’s pretend right now that homosexuality is all about perversion. You are influenced by your genes to manifest it, because that is a scientifically proven fact, and you feel the need to express these perversions next to another adult individual, what is wrong in that? Where is the immorality? The deviant and immoral behavior appears when one of the partners does not have the ability to express its consent. Which is why pedophilia, bestiality and other forms are immoral and blamable.

This is not the case for homosexuality and this goes to show that you have no strong ground to deny some peoples’ rights based on your belief. If you do believe in a God, you should let Him decide what will happen with gays in the afterlife. Also, pay attention! When refusing some rights based on your beliefs to which I do not adhere, you are imposing your beliefs on me. My refusal does not equal with denying your rights, but with protecting my rights. I am not offending you in any way by being gay and if you do feel offended in any way, that is totally your fault, not mine.

You should not discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation – bbc.co.uk

No religion on earth should be allowed to prohibit any of the human rights and just as you no longer discriminate against people based on whether they are doing sorceries or not, you should not discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation.

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