gay couple

“They are all equal and all of us are one big family.”

The Israeli Air Force celebrated the country’s Family Day on Sunday by posting photos of air force families to its Instagram page, and that included a married gay couple.

Captain Adir Gabbai was featured with his husband, Dean, alongside other career members of the air force with the title “Living here happily.”

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This is our #family זוהי המשפחה שלנו

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“For them, the air force family will always be ’the place where I met my family,’” read a caption under the couple’s photo on Facebook, which was met with mixed responses.

While some viewers praised the group for its inclusivity, others criticized the photo and called it an “abomination,” prompting the air force to write a classy response.

“In honor of Family Day, we have chosen to carry out a project presenting all of the kinds of families that serve in the air force, including, also, same-sex families,” an air force rep commented. “From our standpoint, they are all equal and all of us are one big family. Wishing you a Happy Family Day and a wonderful week.”


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