I’ve made love to my brother
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Our second part of the touching story is here! Do you remember yesterday’s story I’ve made love to my brother…without knowing? Do you want to know what happened to Marius when he came to David’s house? So you have now an opportunity to read the continuation of this story!

He finally showed up, paid me and gave me a big tip, but that’s not what got my attention. His final words, though surely did:
“- I hope it won’t bother you if I say that I think you are cute…”
It completely took me by surprise and I first thought he was just teasing me, but his expression seemed pretty honest. This became more obvious as he started ordering pizza almost on a daily basis and even asked for me each time he did. Until one day when he came to me and said:
“-I must say you are one shy dude” and laughed when I seemed surprised, then he added: “Tonight you are my special guest. I am having a party at my house and I won’t take no for an answer”.
I knew that this may be a major moment in my life and I suddenly decided to take that step that I have been waiting for since…always. I said “yes” – a small word for a huge change.

It was my first party ever (as you can tell, I am not that sociable and funny guy that everyone wants to hang out with) and I found it to be really enjoyable. I got to meet David’s friends and they were awesome and easy-going guys with whom I have had a really fun time. As it got late, the party broke and I was ready to leave, but David signaled me to wait. “Why in such a hurry? Stick around, I want to talk to you!” he said, after everybody left.

I’ve made love to my brother
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We talked for more than 2 hours, we drank and I don’t know what happened, but I just cracked and told him what bothered me my whole life. I completely opened my soul to him and I admitted that I was gay. I couldn’t care less about what was going to happen. He was basically a stranger, there were no strings attached. But I barely could finish my sentence and I felt his lips over mine, hot and sweet, like I have had never felt before. I was so surprised that I wasn’t able to react in any way. I just let him kiss me and only after few seconds I realized that I was responding to his kisses. His body was warm and soft, his caressing gentle and I felt loved and cared for. That night was pure magic, despite being blurred and shady, like a distant dream. But it had happened. I knew it the next day when I woke up next to David and I watched him sleep for almost an hour, contemplating my life and how will this experience change it from now on.

I’ve made love to my brother
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Then I got up and went to get some water from the fridge and I remained petrified, holding the handle. The picture on the fridge’s door represented my father, smiling, next to another woman. I didn’t know the picture, must have been a recent one, because he looked older, but it was him. I became paralyzed. I woke David up and asked him who is the couple in the picture and the words coming out of his mouth broke me down: “My parents. Why?” I looked at him, at his dark hair and with teeth glowing behind the meaty lips and I felt like sinking into those brown eyes and that my legs were about to fail me, when I told him: “That’s my father. We are brothers, David”. He knew I was telling the truth, because my voice seemed that of a lost man. It wasn’t the fact that we have just made love, however awkward that may seem, but what was truly horrifying was that we have falling in love with each other. I knew it and he knew it.

I’ve made love to my brother
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During the next days we connected all the dots and realized that my father had married another woman soon after I was born and David was their child. They were both left on a cruise for few weeks. He was my step brother.
Two months have passed since then and David and I still see each other. However, our relation has changed. Now we act as brothers, but we both know it’s a lie. I’ve met my father and my step mother and they are awesome people, but what happened between David and I was unknown to anyone but us, until now.

The part that hurts me so deep is the fact that my feelings towards him haven’t changed and I know he feels the same way about me. I can sense it. We are both stuck in a world that denies our relationship and we both try to figure out what awaits for us in the future. This could mean that our journey has just begun and it is a journey of self-discovery, most of all.

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