London’s Jewish community centre responded perfectly to some hateful graffiti scrawled across a banner promoting an LGBT+ event.

Someone graffitied over a banner promoting an LGBT+ event at the JW3 Jewish Community Centre in London’s Finchley Road.


According to the JW3 website: “The aim of JW3 is to transform the Jewish landscape in London by helping to create a vibrant, diverse and proud community, inspired by and engaged in Jewish arts, culture and community.”

And they proved just that.

Where the graffiti scrawled “shame” over a banner promoting the #GAYW3 event which celebrates “the best of LGBTQ culture”, organisers decided to make a slight edit.

Adding “una” before and “d” at the end, rather than scrubbing off the graffiti, they made it read “unashamed”.

Of course the hateful graffiti has been reported to police, and the comminity centre’s CEO wrote on Facebook that CCTV images of the culprit had been sent to police.


The CEO, Raymond Simonson, wrote on Facebook: “Wanna show your support through actions? Show the cowards who write hate messages or those currently threatening to boycott JW3 that whatever your beliefs, you will not tolerate hatred of another human being? Then please make this GAYW3 festival the most well attended set of events we’ve ever put on. Get tickets for events, bring friends, be an ally.”

Pointing to others who have condemned the event – Simonson urged as many people to visit it as possible to make it a success, in defiance of the hatred.

The GAYW3 event runs from 28 February to 12 March – more information is available at the JW3 website.


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