Jimmy Kimmel

“Our salad chef believes homosexuality is a sin, so he won’t be creating any of our signature salads for you.”

Jimmy Kimmel used a tongue-in-cheek sketch to demonstrate why denying wedding cakes to same-sex couples doesn’t make sense.

In a recent bit on Jimmy Kimmel Live! the 50-year-old host discussed a judge’s ruling in favor of a homophobic California baker who refused to create a wedding cake for a lesbian couple.

It’s a big issue—one, as Kimmel reminded his audience, currently before the Supreme Court.

He took the California judge’s logic to the next level, though, playing a waiter who lets a gay diner know he can’t serve her any of the restaurant’s fresh signature salads because the chef homophobic.

Jimmy Kimmel

“Tony won’t make that for you because it violates his religious beliefs. However, I could bring you a salad he made yesterday, before he knew you were gay!”

He also informs his guests about a host of other restrictions on their dining experience based on the staff’s beliefs.

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