jinkx monsoon sober sobriety

On Instagram to her almost 1 million followers, RuPaul’s Drag Race season 5 winner Jinkx Monsoon shared a vulnerable post: she is trying to get sober.

With a screenshot of a sober clock revealing it has been one day and some change since her decision, Monsoon paired the pic with the caption: “You gotta start somewhere.”

In the comments section is an outpouring of love from her fans, where many are commenting their support and sharing their own struggle with substance abuse. One said, “Jinkx!!! It’s two years for me in August and 1000000% changed my life, my mind and my body. It’s quite literally removing blockage that is in the way of whatever you want in life. I’ve never been so happy.”

Another added: “One day I decided I was done. That was 6 years, 4 months, and 2 days ago. Best decision I ever made. You got this.” 

Monsoon isn’t the first queen to open about her struggle with substance abuse. Season 7’s Katya discussed it at length on her podcast Whimsically Volatile last year. Katya said that she began taking crystal meth after an extended stint of sobriety, and that she was evicted from her apartment in Los Angeles.

“I couldn’t tell what was real or not real,” Katya revealed. “I thought it was just a drug problem. No, mama.”

“I almost had a restraining order put upon me by someone who shall remain nameless, because he’s a wonderful man and I care very much about him. And then I almost socked it to another person who shall also remain nameless because I care very much about. This was rock bottom. In fact, if you have a wagon wheel watusi… you have the bottom of the barrel, I was the sludge under the barrel.”

Today, our thoughts go out to Ms. Monsoon. And never forget queen… water off a duck’s back.


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