The Doctor Who star collapsed ‘in agony’ in California on Tuesday (July 25).

John Barrowman has been rushed to hospital for emergency surgery after collapsing “in agony” on Tuesday (July 25).

The Doctor Who star, 50, was taken to Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, California, where he was diagnosed with appendicitis.

After being told by doctors that his appendix needed to be removed immediately, Barrowman underwent surgery in the early hours of Wednesday (July 26).

The surgery proved a success and the Scottish-American actor is currently recovering in hospital.

In a video posted to Instagram from his hospital bed, Barrowman told fans: “I feel like I have been hit by a car. I’m just sore all over and my voice is sore because of the tube going down my throat.”

“They’re going to see how I am later today, and if I’m ok I might be able to go home. But otherwise I’m gonna be here.”

In another video on Facebook he explained: “I was just lucky my appendix didn’t burst, they caught it in time. I was in a lot of agony yesterday. I knew something was up, I felt really bad.

“In the surgery they made three incisions on my belly and then did it by laser. I now have three holes in me. I’m just glad it went well and hopefully I should get home soon.”

Barrowman later snap of himself from his hospital bed sporting a pair of fan-made Doctor Who socks.

“Got my fan made #TARDIS socks on keeping my feet warm in the hospital,” he captioned the image.

Get well soon John!

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