You heard it right, folks. In the trailer for the new South Park video game “The Fractured But Whole”, rap superstar Kanye West is in fact a gay fish.

South Park, as we know, has made fun of tons of celebrities for many years, and Kanye has definitely been one of their targets. He was first referred to as a “gay fish” in a 2009 episode called “Fishsticks”, where he can’t figure out why liking fishsticks all of a sudden makes him a gay fish.

He was hurt by the situation, but joined in on the fun in 2013 as a “recovering gay fish”.

Now, he’s appeared again, only in video game form from the legendary animated series, which per NME, the game is a parody of Kanye’s as-yet-unreleased video game, ‘Only One’, which shows his mum flying through the gates of heaven. Kanye’s mother, Donda died in 2007 from complications following cosmetic surgery.

We can only imagine how this will turn out. Here’s the video for the trailer.

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