Bullied Boy Is Now An Honorary Avenger!

Please excuse me as I wipe all the tears from my face!! Bullying hits home for me on so many levels. I was in a glass closet my whole life and the other children’s fear of flamboyancy caused them to be cruel to me during my youth. Some of the comments from my past still haunt me today, but now I laugh at them and can only move forward in my fantastic life. I wish I would have someone telling me that it gets better. It really does. Time heals all. In adulthood, no one is ever walking around bullying someone. As you mature, you learn to either ignore or keep your negative comments at your kitchen table.

Enter Keaton Jones. He’s a middle schooler who has been facing bullies. In a video that has now gone viral, Jones describes – through tears – that the other children at his school are harassing him and even assaulting him. He received ham down his shirt, food thrown at him, and milk poured all over him. Those children are god damn horrible!!!!!!

In Jones’ powerful video, accompanied by his mother, we see the incredible young man that he is transforming into. He tells even if you’re different, you can’t help it – why be mean to someone for being different. UGH! This gay writer is connecting with him on so many levels I have goosebumps and am getting hot! He tells the camera he isn’t giving up. We hear you and we love you, Keaton.

Not only has he gained support far and wide, including tickets to a sports event called The Cotton Bowl; Jones is now an honorary Avenger. Or, well, he’s got some superhero friends. Avengers very own Captain America, Chris Evans, reaches out to Jones via Twitter and invites him to the Avengers: Infinity War premiere next year. JEALOUS! On top of the invite to the film’s opening, Jones is receiving so much praise and sponsors; he’s going to be laughing at his bullies upon his return to school. Catch his tweet below:

Grab your tissues, girl! Check out Jones’ emotional, viral video below:

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