This week the first openly gay man to hold elected office in the Bronx announced his congressional run, Cats got its first official trailer, and a legend shoved a homophobic priest off a stage in the greatest clip you’ll see online all year. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

watched Toy Story.

threw a punch.

shaved his head.

played tennis with .

got some new boots.

watched the ocean.

channeled George Michael.

got some sun.

went blond.

stayed cool in the blackout.

had a layover in Beijing.

danced for the mirror.

stayed fresh.

turned the light off.

unbuttoned his pants.

had coffee outside.

posed for ESPN.

got a bird.

met a photographer.

played in the waves.

almost jumped.

shaved his face.

got in the pool.

had puppy time.

And did a handstand.


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