Queer actor Keiynan Lonsdale’s song Preach has been streamed over one million times on Spotify.

The singer dropped Preach last year as an anthem about embracing who you are.

reported that users have streamed the Love, Simon star’s track just over 1.2 million times.

It might first sound like a regular upbeat love song, but Preach isn’t about two people.

Lonsdale is actually singing to himself, he.

‘For me it’s about fucking with your own soul, agreeing to be on the ride together no matter what, and discovering/remembering that magic is real if you believe it so,’ he said.

While in the video for the track, Londsale glides in with a gloomy, dark-toned outfit grinding his way through an empty bar.

Before he emerges in a more colorful, brighter look, dancing by a patch of flowers on a cliff-side. A vibrant rainbow heart-shaped rainbow behind him.

Speaking to , the Nigerian-Australian actor said he doesn’t like to put a label on his music, in the same way he doesn’t want to label his sexuality.

‘I sort of don’t even wanna label it, because I just wanna make music,’ he said.

‘I think ultimately when I’m creating it, I’m not thinking what genre it’s in. I’m just going to make the music and go from there.’

His breakout role as the plot twist-turned love interest in , captured the hearts of critics and audiences alike.

Lonsdale, while making the press circuit following the film’s release, said he is attracted to men and women and does not identify with any particular label.

Since his rise, Londsale frequently advocates for body positivity, from  to  that generated a fair bit of conversation online.

Moreover, when , he looked positively radiant in gender-blending garbs.


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