Drag Race icon Laganja Estranja is interested in appearing on a future instalment of All Stars.

The legendary queen – who made her debut in the show’s widely-acclaimed sixth season back in 2014 – originally told GAY TIMES last year that she will never return as a competitor on the series.

“I made that very clear to World of Wonder,” she said. “I would love to come back as a cameo, much like Alyssa was as a dance coach. But, after doing So You Think You Can Dance, where I was treated with such kindness and such respect, I don’t think I could ever return to the intense competition that it is required by Drag Race.”

Laganja continued: “It’s not that they’re mean, or they do something to harm us, but what they put us through is very intense.

“I just feel, mentally, I’m not ready for that, and I’ll never be ready for that because it’s not how I operate. I would never put myself in a shark tank like that where girls can have opinions on me, and potentially vote me off.”

However, it looks like she’s changed her mind, or at least opening up to the idea of going back into the shark tank.

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When asked by a fan during a Reddit Q&A, she admitted: “Yes I am actually interested. I’ve always said if I was going to return, it would have to be for the right reasons. Those reasons have finally made themself clear to me…

“That is first and foremost, for my #BUDS! And secondly, for myself. I have to face my fears!”

She later said she’d like to portray Dame Edna on Snatch Game and would want her storyline to “be as close to the truth as possible”, adding: “I’m still the crazy wacky kid I was, but with a lot more maturity and class.”

Fans have campaigned for the performer to appear on All Stars ever since her stint on season six. Although Laganja only placed eighth on the season, she’s become one of the most iconic and quotable contestants in Drag Race HERstory.

Last year, Laganja made another huge impression on US audiences when she auditioned for the 15th season of So You Think You Can Dance (watch her sickening routine here). She also revealed on her AMA that she will be making a comeback on the series on 3 June.

Watch Laganja’s best moments from Drag Race season six below.


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