Last night’s Democratic debate was even worse than the night before and the big takeaway if you missed it is that you didn’t miss anything. At this point, Elizabeth Warren has been officially declared the winner and she wasn’t even on stage last night.

The CNN moderators, Dana Bash, Jake Tapper, and Don Lemon, seem to have drawn the most ire. While the constantly interrupted candidates on the first night, the second was dedicated to attempts to get the Democrats to fight amongst themselves. In that regard, they were successful.

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden fended off attacks by rivals; Corey Booker, Julian Castro and some other white guy did good, and the rest stood around on stage and pretended like they had a chance at winning the big prize while Tulsi Gabbard kept trying to remind everyone she was a veteran and she doesn’t like Harris.

Even Twitter went lackluster during the debate. While #DemDebate was still trending, the normal funny gifs and memes weren’t as abundant. Other than a handful of gaffes by Biden, there really wasn’t much to work with. And Biden’s chances of running his mouth and screwing something up is about as predictable as Trump backing Russian interests over America’s.

Only two lines from night stood out: Kirsten Gillibrand said the first thing she would do as President would be to “Clorox the Oval Office.” And Corey Booker shot down Joe Biden’s critique of Booker’s time as mayor of Newark, NJ by saying “There’s a saying in my community, ‘You’re dipping into the Kool-Aid and you don’t even know the flavor.’”

The only other notable part of both debates is that despite having an out gay man as a moderator, an out gay man running for President, and an out gay man working the spin room after the debate, LGBTQ issues were never brought up as a topic of conversation.


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