Lesbian couple looking for sperm

Ashley Habgood and Alley Williams have decided that this is exactly what they need and why not? They have been together since they were 15 and now, more than a decade later, they got married and are finally ready for the next step: their first baby.

Lesbian couple looking for sperm
They have been together since they were 15 – dailymail.co.uk

“We love kids! We already have 800 of them that we teach every week but we want our own little one. We’ve traveled and lived A LOT and we’re ready to start a family.” they said in their Facebook post.

Lesbian couple looking for sperm
We’ve traveled and lived A LOT and we’re ready to start a family – scout.co.nz

But don’t rush to throw your semen at them (I’m sorry about that), because there are certain factors you need to meet in order to be the chosen one. Among the most important are:

  • A kind heart
  • Native intelligence, although they admit this may be a bit tricky to calculate
  • You have no interest in becoming a father
  • No medical history
  • You should be taller than they are
  • You are 45 or younger, which is a must
  • Athletic
  • Creative
  • Curious and necessarily optimistic and determined to succeed in any field
  • You are All Black which is an absolute, don’t ask
  • You should be an amazing lover (too bad, that’s only to increase the chance of raising the number of lovers, not to actually offer them any…physical pleasure)

Also, you need to take into consideration the fact that you will have no right over the baby-to-come (which can’t be earlier than 2017) and, according to the law, you will be a “sperm donor”, not “father”.

Lesbian couple looking for sperm
THIS IS NOT A HACK: So… Alley and I have been tossing up whether to put this on Facebook – facebook.com

The two got a lot of support in the comment section and their post has been shared by everybody wanting to help their cause.

Comments, that we got on Facebook – facebook.com

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