"We demand that the state provide the basic and fundamental right to exercise our love for whomever we choose, and require legislation to allow gay marriage in Israel," the LGBT organization "Aguda" said.

According to the human rights, the situation where marriages and divorces are possible only in the rabbinical courts is considered unconstitutional.

LGBT organization of Israel
The LGBT organization “Aguda” submitted the statement to the High Court of Justice of Israel – jpost.com

The non-governmental human rights organization in Israel appealed to the High Court, demanding the country to legalize same-sex marriages.

On Sunday, 1st of November, the LGBT organization “Aguda” submitted the statement to the High Court of Justice of Israel. This document claims that the existing laws discriminate gay and lesbian couples’ rights denying them the opportunity to get married and thus these laws are considered as unconstitutional.

LGBT organization of Israel
Israel is now marketing itself internationally as welcoming to the gay community – npr.org

According to the petition of “Aguda”, if the rabbinical court does not recognize same-sex marriages, they should be recognized by the civil law.

The lawyers of “Aguda” argue that in accordance with earlier court’s decisions, the High Court has the power to recognize the marriages in the civil court.

The director of organization Oded Fried said that his group appealed to the High Court claiming that the marriage is a fundamental right that should be granted to every citizen.

LGBT organization of Israel
A part of the LGBT Jewish group – awiderbridge.org

According to him, “the reality in which we live is absurd. On the one hand, the rabbinical courts don’t recognize same-sex marriages, and on the other hand, are not inclined to abandon the exclusive jurisdiction of their recognition. It’s time for the members of the LGBT community of Israel to become citizens who have equal rights. ”

According to the activists of “Aguda”, if the petition is successful, the organization will continue to campaign for the abolition of the requirement that the marriage and divorce must go through the religious courts.

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